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STELLAPHARM was born to care and protect patient’s health, to help enhancing their lives and living longer. Your health, for today and for future.

Launching Hepatitis C Product "Lesovir" in Vietnam

Lesovir is manufactured by its EU-GMP facility and distributed via exclusive distributor, Khuong Duy Pharma Co., Ltd.

Company Name Change

STADA - VN JOINT VENTURE CO., LTD. officially changed its name to STELLAPHARM J.V. CO., LTD.

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Stadovas 10 Tab

Amlodipine exerts antihypertensive action by a direct vasodilating effect on the smooth muscles surrounding the peripheral arterial blood vessels, with less effect on the cardiac muscle calcium channels.

Acyclovir STADA 200 mg | 400 mg | 800 mg

Acyclovir is used to treat Herpex simplex virus (HSV) and Varicella zoster virus infection (VZV)

Shaping Tomorrow

We are embracing technology and partnership to leverage that strengthen to advance research, develop and produce new generic drugs.