Since the beginning of February this year, Stellapharm has been urgently exported many consignments pharmaceutical products with a total of nearly 200 million units by air to markets in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, etc.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulting in an increasing demand for medicines in all markets, both domestic and international. Despite ensuring absolute supply for the domestic, with the great efforts of all employees in the factory, Stellapharm has completed the export of large quantities of medicines to fulfil unexpected requirements of foreign partners.

These efforts demonstrate supportive spirit, long-term commitment and reputation to our partners, whether in domestic or in international.

Stellapharm (formerly known as STADA – VN Joint Venture Company) is currently the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the field of pharma export in Vietnam.

After being established and put into operation only 3 years, since 2003, Stellapharm has started to export medicines manufactured in Vietnam to Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. and became the first factory of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry expanding to international markets.

Following the achievements in Asia, from 2008 up to now, Stellapharm has boosted exports to many markets in Europe such as Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Netherland, Slovakia, etc. and the Middle East. Stellapharm’s output and export sales are increasing year-by-year.

In 2020, by the end of March, the total export volume of Stellapharm have reached more than 200 million units for the European markets, and more than 70 million units for Asian markets.

With export orientation being the key of the business strategy, Stellapharm has constantly modernized its production equipment, research and investment, etc. to provide high quality medicines at reasonable prices to low- and medium-income patients access to better and safer treatments wherever we are present.

Over the years, Stellapharm has been continuously recognized as a prestigious exporting enterprise by the Vietnamese authorities based on its export sales and export volume each year.

Stellapharm products are now trusted by millions of patients in over 50 countries around the world.

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Stellapharm is one of leading generics pharmaceutical companies and strong producer of anti-viral drugs in Vietnam. The company established in Vietnam in 2000; and focuses on both prescription drugs and non-prescription especially in cardiovascular diseases, anti-viral drugs, anti-diabetics drugs, etc. and our products are now used by millions of patients in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The company is globally recognized for its quality through our facilities have been audited and approved by stringent authority like EMA, PMDA, Taiwan GMP, local WHO and others.

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