Stellapharm take pride in what we do because our work can have an extraordinary impact on people’s lives.


For us, consistency is the key of success. That is why we build up the policies and procedures in both people and manufacturing and we trust our employees where the smooth coordination among each team to accomplish our goal.


At Stella, we understand that every employee have his/her own progressive. Our team is in position to help them arousing their passion and progress.


We want our employees to think and do carefully what they have to do. In our company, the perfectionism is the top priority presented by our product quality.


We are passionate and enthusiastic devotees to bring high quality products to contribute to public health, to bring hope and belief, and to enjoy the inspiration.


Every employee has his or her own characters, abilities, and skills. Stella have its position today because of their differences. We always tell our people that your differences make us grow.


At Stella, we are passionate and enthusiastic devotees to bring high quality products to contribute to public health, to bring hope and belief, and to enjoy the inspiration.

We Appreciate
Life Values

Wake up every morning to fulfill Stella’s mission to improve the health of society, today and for generations to come.

Benefits and

1. Career Development

Our success is having your contribution. We ourselves set up the goals of promoting, training, maintaining and motivating our employees. At Stella, we designed training programs both technical training, in-position training that helps you developing your knowledge and skills.

2. Employee Safety and Health

We care our employees’ health, in which they have to balance their working and lives. We offer well-maintained clean class to employees working in production and laboratory to avoid occupational diseases as an aspect of our commitment to occupational safety and health by providing a healthcare insurance base benefit.

3. Rewards

Working with us, we recognize your efforts, contributions to those who consistently work hard, embody our missions and values to help lives of patients, and drive our business forward. Here are keys of rewards.

  • Highly competitive base salary
  • Annual bonus based on your contributions to the Company’s business and success

4. Our Workplace

At our office and/or production facility, we build an outstanding work environment that fostering your ability, creativity and unleashing your personal development and potential. Our duty is to make sure you feed good when you come into the office:

  • Friendly working environment
  • Catering services that serves you for complimentary meals based on your working shifts
  • Shuttle bus to receive you at the pick-up point and drop you at our office (Binh Duong base)

5. Internship Programs

We also offer to the juniors who studying in college, university that supports and helps you having an idea in your career path. At Stella, we have strong technical experts in production, laboratory, research, quality, etc. helps you to understand and shaping your future career.

6. Other Benefits

  • Discounted company products
  • Paid time-off
  • Periodic health examination