Our R&D

We are always willing to research, invent for better future, and fulfill the mission.


Since 2005, our Research and Development Unit financially has invested significantly in generics product, primarily in the areas of modernization of equipment technology, training, product development including but not limited to bioequivalence testing material supplier evaluating, etc.

We are proactive in searching new technology transfers for among various partners as part of contract research organization to improve and study new generics product. Moreover, our unit always continues improving and updating knowledge in order to comply with latest Regulatory Affairs not only in Vietnam but also in other countries.


We focus on generics drugs to protect and cure diseases of human being, including but not limited to, prescription drug like cardiovascular treatment, antidiabetics, anti-viral, etc. and OTC drugs at high level of quality and comply with standards not only for local market but also for Asian and European markets.

Our quality system is followed and controlled under ISO/IEC 17025:2015, ICH Guideline Q8, and other international standards like U.S. FDA, EU-GMP, WHO-PG, WHO during path of international integration.

Our keywords

  • Invest for future
  • People as an essential factor
  • Knowledge & technology as key success

We have successfully researched, developed, and manufactured more than 200 products in large scale for curing patient’s needs in around the world. Since 2006, STELLA has leadenly elaborated with local and abroad Bioequivalence Centers to perform BE study and received successfully not less than 50 products.

At STELLA, we understand innovation a is leverage to bring us to closer to its mission of delivering quality product to patients and the community.