The Ministry of Health is drafting a Circular promulgating a list of drugs, testing supplies, and medical equipment eligible for price negotiation and stipulating the process and procedures for selecting contractors for applicable bidding packages. form of price negotiation.

According to the draft, the construction of the drug list is applied in the form of price negotiation based on the principle that drugs are legally licensed for circulation in Vietnam, except for drugs specified in Clauses 1 and 2, Article 70 of the Pharmacy Law.
The drug list is built on the basis of necessary drugs for use in medical facilities purchased from State capital, health insurance funds, revenues from medical examination and treatment services and other sources. Other legal revenues of public medical facilities.
Along with that, drugs in the drug list are subject to price negotiation and are updated, supplemented or removed to suit the actual situation and ensure timely supply of drugs for disease prevention and treatment. illness at medical facilities.
The draft clearly states that, in addition to complying with the general principles of building a drug list mentioned above, drugs included in the drug list subject to price negotiation must meet one of the criteria.
Reference drugs and biological products belong to the list of original brand-name drugs and reference biological products issued by the Minister of Health and have a large proportion of use in terms of value or quantity at medical facilities across the country.
Medicines have only 1 or 2 manufacturers according to dosage form and manufacturer (especially for vaccines for the Expanded Program on Immunization, there are only 1 or 2 manufacturers according to vaccine ingredients and vaccine production technology). The drug list is subject to price negotiation.
In the draft, the Ministry of Health proposed a list of drugs eligible for price negotiation including 315 types, of which 286 original brand name drugs and reference biological products are eligible for price negotiation; For 15 HIV/AIDS treatment drugs, there are from 1 to 2 manufacturers applying price negotiation.
In addition to 1 tuberculosis treatment drug, there are 1 to 2 manufacturers who are allowed to negotiate prices; 13 vaccines for the Expanded Program on Immunization have from 1 to 2 manufacturers applying price negotiation.
According to the draft, within a maximum period of 2 years, based on the principles and criteria for building a list that applies price negotiation, the Drug Administration of Vietnam will synthesize and create a list of drugs that need to be updated and supplemented. addition or removal; Ask for opinions, synthesize, receive and explain opinions of relevant agencies and organizations and consult the National Advisory Council on drug procurement.
Based on the recommendations of the National Advisory Council on Drug Procurement, the Drug Administration of Vietnam submitted to the Minister of Health to promulgate a Circular updating the list of drugs eligible for price negotiation.

Source: VTC News


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