Stadmazol 100

Stadmazol 100 contains clotrimazole, an imidazole derivative with a broad spectrum of antimycotic activity.

Pack size Box of 6 tablets
Shelf-life 24 months
Composition Clotrimazole
Dosage forms and strengths Vaginal tablet: 100 mg
Product code :



Stadmazol 100 is used for the treatment of candidal vaginitis.


  • First infections: 2 vaginal tablets at night, on 3 consecutive nights.
  • Re-infections: 1 vaginal tablet at night, on 6 consecutive nights. If necessary, 2 vaginal tablets daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, continuously for 6 – 12 days.
  • The treatment should be timed so as to avoid the menstrual period and be finished before the onset of menstruation.
  • It may be necessary to treat balanitis in male partners concurrently.
  • When disintegration of the tablet does not occur, such as in dry vagina associated with menopause, it is recommended that clotrimazole vaginal cream be used.


Stadmazol 100 is for vaginal administration. Vaginal tablets are inserted as deeply as possible into the vagina. This is best achieved when lying on one’s back with the knees slightly bent.

Known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation.

Mild burning has occasionally occurred; rarely, itching and vulval irritation, have been reported.

Use Stadmazol 100 with caution when:

  • More than two infections of candidal vaginitis in the last six months;
  • Previous history of a sexually transmitted disease or exposure to partner with sexually transmitted disease;
  • Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy;
  • Aged under 16 or over 60 years;
  • Known hypersensitivity to imidazoles or other vaginal antifungal products.

Vaginal tablet should not be used if the patient has any of the following symptoms:

  • Irregular or abnormal vaginal bleeding or a blood-stained discharge;
  • Vulval or vaginal ulcers, blisters or sores;
  • Lower abdominal pain or dysuria;
  • Any adverse events such as redness, irritation or swelling associated with the treatment;
  • Fever or chills; nausea or vomiting; diarrhoea;
  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge.

The vaginal tablets Stadmazol 100 can be used again if the candidal infection returns after 7 days.

Stadmazol 100 may reduce the effectiveness of latex contraceptives for at least five days after using this product.

This drug should be used only if clearly indicated during the first trimester of pregnancy. Caution should be exercised when clotrimazole is used by a nursing woman.