Dexpanthenol 5%

Dexpanthenol is the alcoholic analogue of D-pantothenic acid, a member of the B complex vitamins (vitamin B5). Topical dexpanthenol acts like a moisturizer, improving stratum corneum hydration, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining skin softness and elasticity.

Pack size Box of 1 tube 30 g
Shelf-life 24 months
Composition Dexpanthenol
Dosage forms and strengths Topical ointment:
1 g/20 g; 1.5 g/30 g
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Prevention and treatment of chafed, cracked or split skin. Dry skin. Nursing mother for regular breast care and treatment of sore nipples. Infant care as a protective barrier against nappy (diaper) wetness and for the prevention and treatment of chafing, redness and diaper rash.


  • Damaged skin: Apply this topical ointment one or more times daily, as needed.
  • Nursing mother: Apply this topical ointment to nipples after each breastfeeding.
  • Treatment of mucosal defects of the cervix: Apply this topical ointment one or more times daily, as directed by a physician.
  • Infant care: At each nappy (diaper) change spread Dexpanstad 5% over your baby’s bottom and groin, after cleaning these areas thoroughly with water.


Dexpanthenol 5% is for topical use.

Hypersensitivity to any component of drug.

Dexpanthenol can cause mild allergic reactions such as itching, but rare.

Dexpanthenol may prolong bleeding time, therefore, should be used with extreme caution in patients with hemophilia or with other bleeding risk.

Contact with the eyes should be avoided.