Funding to Overcome Consequences of Natural Calamity

Recently, the storm No. 11 landed in the central provinces of Vietnam caused severe devastation, materially as well as mentally, to the residents therein. Among the said provinces, Phu Yen suffered the most severe damages with the total economic losses estimated VND 2,500 billion. In addition, there were 70 fatalities, 17 missing, thousands of collapsed houses and some ten thousands of damaged ones. As a result, many people were left homeless.

Having a part in the movement to share ups and downs with victims of storm No. 11, STADA-VN recently aided the region with 10 tons of rice (costing 85 million VND) as a post-disaster relief for the hopeless people of Phu Yen.

STADA-VN sincerely hopes that the said contribution shall result in a meaningful relief to the misfortunate people in need after calamity.

STADA-VN is dedicated to helping by funding necessary efforts to overcome consequences of natural calamity.




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