10 early signs your body is running out of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is super important in keeping your body healthy and functioning properly. You need to take the right amount of it every single day because, unlike other vitamins, vitamin C doesn’t stay in your system for very long. A lack of vitamin C in your body can lead to a low quality of life and troublesome symptoms. However, those can be reversed by adding enough vitamin C to your diet.

Let’s recognize the signs of vitamin C deficiency early on, so you can improve your overall health right away.

1. Your gums are often swollen and bleeding

Vitamin C is fundamental for gum health. If you’re not getting the proper daily intake, it’s likely you’ll develop gingivitis. If you feel like you’re taking good care of your dental hygiene but still have swollen and bleeding gums, try taking more vitamin C. Scientists calculate around 75mg per day for adult women and 90mg per day for adult men (if you’re a smoker, add an extra 35mg daily to this).

2. You bruise very easily and your wounds take forever to heal

If you bruise like a peach, there’s a chance that you’re lacking vitamin C in your system. Fortunately, this can be reversed if you eat your citrus fruits and vegetables every day. Additionally, if your scratches and cuts are taking too long to heal, this is also a sign for you to up your vitamin C game. The body needs vitamin C to produce collagen, so go eat those oranges!

3. Your hair is brittle and falls out easily

If you’re experiencing hair loss and breakage, chances are you’re not taking your daily dose of vitamin C. Before spending a bunch of money on hair products, try eating foods that are rich in vitamin C like broccoli and kiwi. A lot of widely eaten foods have more than enough vitamin C, so it’s not necessary to take supplements. All you need is a healthier diet.

4. You have frequent joint pain

Joint pain is a very common early sign of vitamin C deficiency. Because vitamin C is such a powerful antioxidant, the lack of it in your body can lead to inflammation which can make your joints ache. Joint pain can be pretty awful to manage, so making taking vitamin C a part of your daily routine is a good idea.

5. You are getting sick constantly and your immunity could use a boost

If you’re having frequent cases of flu, colds, and infections, then perhaps your immunity is running low. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, which fight off infectious diseases and foreign invaders. If you’re constantly ill, this means that your immune response is weak and you should boost it by increasing your vitamin C intake.

6. You’ve gained weight for no apparent reason

If you haven’t gone through any major change in your lifestyle, but you’ve still gained weight, it might have something to do with a vitamin C deficiency. Early research shows a link between low vitamin C and high body fat, particularly belly fat. Vitamin C helps your body burn fat more efficiently, so bring out that kale salad!

7. You feel sleepy and tired during the day

If you’re getting enough sleep during the night, but still feel sluggish during the day, then it’s possible that you’re not getting enough vitamin C. Fatigue is one of the many symptoms that stem from a lack of vitamin C in your body. It’s likely you’ll feel less tired after you adjust your daily intake. Eat a kiwi instead of drinking 10 cups of coffee!

8. Your skin looks dry and dull

Like we said earlier, vitamin C is super important for collagen production. This means that if you’re not getting enough vitamin C, your skin is more likely to look dull and wrinkled since collagen makes your skin glow. No wonder there are so many expensive vitamin C serums on the skincare market!

9. You have frequent nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are not usually dangerous to your overall health but if you’re experiencing them often, it can also mean that your body needs more vitamin C. Your nose is filled with tiny blood vessels and vitamin C is important to keep them from becoming weak. If they’re not strong enough, then it can trigger nosebleeds.

10. Your nails are thin and weak

The body needs vitamin C in order to better absorb iron. If your system is running out of vitamin C, it can lead to iron-deficiency anemia, which causes brittle nails. If you’ve tried a nail strengthener but you didn’t see any results, maybe upgrading your diet with more fresh fruits and vegetables might actually fix this issue and improve your overall health.




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